You are a childcare facilty or In-Home provider and would love to benefits of Montessori Education in  your classroom ?

The Montessori Box offers  childcare providers a special offer at a special rate. (Based on qty)

Montessori Education has long dominated as a premium learning method, quickly taking over from the traditional classroom. Unfortunately, it has also been dubbed exclusive and pricey.

But Maria Montessori had a dream to remove the barriers to learning this alternate program, and she did just that.

The Montessori Box is an expertly curated collection of boxes that combines the core tenets of the Montessori Education system, making them easily accessible to parents and childcare facilities.

The box provides eco-friendly and age-appropriate activities based on the principles of Montessori Education. Each package consists of a variety of materials specific to the different developmental stages of children.

Resources in the boxes focuses on :

  • Sensory skills
  • mathematics
  • language
  • practical life
  • music
  • science
  • and arts.

Advantages of the Boxes in your childcare facilities :

  • Introduce the beauty of an alternate education into your curriculum.
  • Lower cost of the materials vs a classroom full of  Montessori  materials.
  • E-learning and guides support are included to facilitate the learning experience for the teachers.
  • Allows the eduactors to develop and implement a long-term, individualized learning plan for each child in their classroom.
  • Wealth of activities and experiences to ensure successful development of the children.
  • Contribute in adding the Montessori concept into your daycare  vs other traditional childcare facilities.