About The Founder

Dupe is the founder of the Montessori Box and the Cognitive Box, with experience in childhood education as a Montessori certified educator and as a mom of 4, she wanted to nurture the idea of allowing every household to benefit from this alternative approach of learning.

Her background as a professional in diverse industries such as automotive & telecommunication and immigration has allowed her to gain extensive leadership skills but it’s her experience as a self-employed & owner of a bilingual Montessori daycare that gave her a mindful opportunity to incorporate this approach. Dupe is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of childhood development.

She considers herself a lifelong learner, with an eagerness to learn, create, and share. Dupe believes the absorbent mind of a child is a shell waiting to be filled with knowledge.

Her hunger for knowledge and determination has turned information into action and has contributed to her many successes. As an African descend she envisioned an idea to promote access to this elite education to every household regardless of their social status or color, she wants to promote the importance of teaching our children the benefits of independence at a very young age.

She lives out through her interests in running, browsing through travelling inspo and discovering new things. She is always interested in a new challenge. Reach out to infos@themontessoirbox.store to connect!

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