The Montessori Box

The Montessori Box ™ is a bilingual curated box company providing Montessori materials for children from 0 to 10 years old.

Each box focus on one key developmental stage of your child and emphasizes concrete learning. They allow your child to explore activities and concepts at their own pace.

Beginning at an early age, the Montessori box encourages life preparation, concentration, and independence.


As a company creating bilingual, curated boxes, the Montessori Box specializes in helping you create the perfect learning environment for your child. Our boxes includes materials specific to different stages of development that encourage your young learner to respond to their environment. Our boxes are eco-friendly and safe.

Our goal is to allow every household to experience creative learning and give each child the opportunity to experience this unique approach.


The pros of Montessori education

Self-directed learning

Our method allows children to choose and define what they want to learn and explore at their own pace  with self-directed activities.

Develop confidence

We assist your child’s development by following these seven concepts : accepting individuality, making decisions, learning practical skills, keeping up encouragement, acknowledging emotions, maintaining boundaries and impacting their world.

Encourage learning

We encourage the child by placing him at the center of the experience in a specific prepared learning environment

Individualized method

We consider each child as an individual entity and focus on their needs, one at a time.

Stimulation of growth

We provide activities to encourage growth with repetitive action, multisensory materials, and self-guided learning .

Expand life skills

We provide purposeful activities to develop and expand motor and sensory skills, coordination, concentration, and a sense of independence

How does it work ?


Choose the box that suits your child’s developmental stage from those proposed on this website.


Confirm by making a secure payment by credit card or paypal.


Receive your box within 7 to 10 days with our fast delivery.


You can choose a single box or buy the 6 boxes all at once. It’s a great way to keep your child stimulated to master his/her skills while practicing this method at his/her own pace.

What our customers are saying

The Montessori Box x Kids & Company.

We are very proud to partner with Kids & Company. Kids & Company is an award winning child care provider. Their are among the Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

Why choose Montessori boxes ?

Because education starts at home !